Regretting What You Didn’t Do

blog-memeIt is January, again! A new year with new hopes and promises—a fresh beginning and a chance to set new goals as we reflect on all we hoped to accomplish in the year behind us.

“This year I really will be more careful with my finances, lose ten pounds, work out every day, spend more time with my family, eat fewer cake pops… and the list goes on”

As I contemplate the goals I hope to reach this year, I realize that January is a great time to decide that I will end THIS year without regrets. My greatest regret would be failing to do the things that matter most – those that have eternal value.  When I stand before Jesus, what will matter then?

My resolve to make every moment count for eternity this year was reinforced when I read of a woman who passed away recently after a brave fight with cancer. She shared these words in one of her last messages to her friends:

“Someone asked me if I had any regrets as I look over my life. Of course, I have some regrets, but there is one that stands out the most. I regret that I did not read my Bible more. As I get ready to step into eternity, I ponder why I did not claim more of God’s promises, why did I not learn more about the Bible characters I will meet, and why did I not make Him the preeminent factor in more situations and decisions in my life.”

I am thankful for her words to spur me on. This year I will make each day count for eternity and be like Jesus: single-minded and eternal-focused. I will be about the Father’s will, Word, and glory.  On the day that I meet Jesus, I want to say what He did: “I have glorified you on earth by accomplishing the work you gave me to do.” (John 17:4)

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