End Times

DVDCoverjPeg (2)Bible prophecy warns that the days leading up to Christs return will be filled with evil, violence and destruction, and since the day Christ left earth in a cloud believers have eagerly awaited His return. Jesus had often reminded His followers to keep alert and watchful. Through His Word He has revealed what we should expect preceding His return so that we will not be shaken and will know how to live.
In this end times Bible study seminar Angela Kugia Sanchez will begin by taking
us on an eye-opening journey through the Old Testament to help set up and explain
the events surrounding the book of Revelation. Then she will guide us verse by
verse through the book of Revelation and other key end-time Scriptures and guide
us in constructing a complete time-line of end-time events as we learn what we
can expect from God, and what God expects from us in these last days.

Session Handouts
Session 1Background and Set up of Last 7 years
Sessions 2-3 (time line) –Timeline of Revelation: Seals, Trumpets and Bowls
Session 4 The Rapture and Day of the Lord

End Time Videos:

End Times Video -Session 1 part A
End Times Video -Session 1 Part B
End Times Video -Session 1 Part C

End Times Video -Session 2 Part A
End Times Video -Session 2 Part B
End Times Video -Session 2 Part C

End Times Video -Session 3 Part A
End Times Video -Session 3 Part B
End Times Video -Session 3 Part C

End Times Video -Session 4 Part A
End Times Video -Session 4 Part B

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