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3 John
A beloved friend, an arrogant antagonist, and a band of traveling preachers…oh my!! What do they have in common, what do they mean to us, and what does love have to do with it?  Well, get ready and get excited, because you are about to find out as you begin this transforming journey into the book of 3 John.

John Gospel
In this powerful life-changing study in the Gospel of John you will be amazed at John’s testimony regarding all he saw and heard during Christ’s time on earth such as:
• What Jesus said about being born again and being judged
• Seven Signs that prove Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God
• The great “I Am” statements Jesus made about Himself

What is Paul’s mission? Who has been set free from what and how? What does righteousness have to do with it? What will happen to Israel? Find out as you study the life-changing book of Romans which is filled with key Christian doctrine.

Your Hope Bible Study
This Bible study guide that will help you dig into God’s living, life-changing Word to discover powerful truths about an eternal hope that will help you hold fast and weather the storms that life brings your way.  God’s Word will penetrate your heart, dispel the lies of the enemy, and free you from the dangers of discouragement in three powerful faith-building lessons.



Inductive Study Help Pages  including:–What is Inductive Bible Study–How to do Careful–Observations–Helpful Word Study Tools–How to do Word Studies–Sample Observation Worksheet Page